Your first appointment

Patient Assessment

What to bring to your first appointment


1: Referral letter: if appropriate

2: Insurance details: if appropriate

3: List of prescribed medication

4: A pair of shorts or tracksuit bottoms

5: 2 pairs of old shoes

6: Any previous or current insoles/orthoses


An initial appointment includes the following:


  • Taking a medical history of current complaint
  • Examination: standing, lying, walking/running, functional tests
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment plan



Treatment: may include

1: chiropody

2: insoles/orthoses,

3: AFOs/splint

4: Padding or taping

5: Rehabilitation exercises/physio/functional workouts

6: Injection therapy, surgery

7: Footwear advice

8: Investigations eg: x-ray, ultrasound, bloods

9: Onward referral to other medical disciplines




Health Insurance: Gregor McCoshim is recognized by all the leading health insurance companies apart from Axa PPP.

All insurance companies have numerous policies with varied coverage details. It is therefore advisable to contact your insurance company prior to making an appointment. This will determine your level of cover, any excess that may need to be paid and will ensure that the correct referral pathway is followed. Some companies may insist on a consultant or GP referral. Finally a treatment authorization or claim number should be obtained from your insurer. Please bring all this information to your appointment.

GRM Podiatry will send an invoice to your insurer for direct settlement. Your insurer will notify you of any excess payment or shortfall, which you will then have to pay direct to GRM Podiatry


Self Paying Patients: If you are self funding your treatment, be prepared to settle your account before you leave your appointment. Payment can be taken with cards, cheque or cash.


Cancellation of appointment: If you are unable to attend your appointment, please notify the appropriate clinic. Our time is as valuable as yours. Failure to give 24 hours notice of cancellation will result in a full appointment charge being levied.


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