More than just your feet


GRM Podiatry has been treating lower limb injuries for 25 years.  Valuable knowledge has been gained during this time, but medicine is continually changing , with evolving ideas and treatments. It is essential that your clinician is up to date with their subject theory, clinical knowledge and skills. From the simple to the complex, your needs will be addressed on an individual basis or as part of a team approach.

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A list of common complaints includes:

Lower back pain                                         Leg length differences

Flat feet                                                        Diabetic foot disease

Forefoot pain                                              Bunions

Toe deformities                                          Ingrowing toenails

Corns/callus                                                Verrucas

Hip and groin pain, ITB syndrome         Knee pain

Shin splints                                                  Achilles tendinopathy

Ankle pain or instability                            Heel pain/plantar fasciitis

At GRM Podiatry we offer a professional service backed by evidence based principles. Our aim is your aim: an accurate diagnosis, effective functional treatment and a return to activity with improved performance and knowledge.


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