Run 360

Training your movement patterns


It can be a long, challenging, difficult and expensive road back from injury. That’s why we have introduced this service specifically geared to our running clients: from the new starters to the competent. We are all individual and we all run differently. Runners can experience an over-use injury at any time, believe me, even when everything is feeling great, the machine can break. The cause may be the result of a number of potential factors: muscular imbalance, poor stability, reduced strength/flexibility, fatigue, pace, improper technique, footwear, terrain or occupation. The Run 360 programme is there to identify any potential risks to ensure you stay on the road or to assist you on your recovery journey.

Having examined the patient to assess joint mobility, carried out functional tests and analysed running video footage, a comprehensive treatment plan is put in place to address the highlighted issues. This may involve functional exercises, strengthening, stretching, orthoses, neuromuscular control and gait re-training. The goal is to reach the objective through minimal effective change. Are you ready to give it a try?

By using training apps and video it is possible to analyserunning form and recommend treatment

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