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Gregor McCoshim

FCPodS DPodM HPC Registered

I’m a musculo-skeletal podiatrist who is passionate about health and passionate about sport. I’ve competed in various sports throughout my life: I’ve run a marathon, cycled the Caledonia Etape, played rugby, football, squash and tennis. Always enjoyed the freedom of cross country, so looking forward to some warm evening runs over the next few months.

Dealing with the public brings a new experience with each individual, constantly challenging your thought processes and treatment skills. I have also had the pleasure of being asked to work with various professional football teams north and south of the border. I continue to be involved with the Scottish Institute of Sport and its regional offices and was official podiatrist for the 2014 Ryder Cup at Gleneagles.

Going further back, I graduated in Podiatric Medicine in 1991from the London Foot Hospital and became a Fellow of the Surgical Faculty of Podiatrists in 1996. I worked in the NHS for 11 years and was senior clinical podiatrist at the London Foot Hospital up until 2002. On returning to Scotland I started GRM Podiatry to promote and provide high quality foot healthcare.

Continued professional development is an integral part of a practitioner’s diary. I am fortunate to be part of a sports medicine team therefore exposing myself to new ideas and modern developments, while at the same time challenging conventional regimes. Interaction among fellow professionals is backed up with review of the current literature and research.

Recent courses:

Langer Biomechanics summer school: The tissue stress theory and its clinical relevance

Bartold biomechanics: Dynamic assessment

Kinetic revolution: Functional running assessment and gait retraining

Member of:

Society of Chiropodist and Podiatrists

American Podiatric Medical Association

British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine




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