GRM Podiatry: improving the way you walk and run

Hi and welcome to GRM Podiatry where your health and fitness comes first. Hopefully this will be your first step towards treating that painful condition and climbing the ladder back to full fitness. Playing sport and being active tends to come with a few drawbacks. The worse of these is injury. Having experienced a few of these, I know what it’s like to suffer the pain and endure the frustration of sitting on the sidelines, watching. Don’t waste any more time thinking the problem will get better on its own, be positive and make an appointment NOW!
Hey, you don’t have to be sporty to get an injury. We will be pleased to see anyone who is experiencing pain or having problems with their legs and feet. That could be an annoying corn, an ingrowing nail, a swollen tendon or a drop foot. Please make contact and let’s get you better. GRM Podiatry runs a series of clinics to assess and analyze lower limb function as well as promoting and maintaining good foot healthcare. We listen, examine and advise, then you get better. At GRM Podiatry you can be sure we know about foot and lower limb function, we know about sports, we know our products, we know how to deliver. Take a look at our site to find out how we can help you.